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Do you need a simple cover to protect you RV, camper, vehicles, tractors, hay, riding arena, etc.?  Our oval roof covers are an inexpensive way to protect your belongings from the weather.  Built to your specifications, our covers can range from a simple 10ft awning up to a 100ft cover.  We can construct your oval roof cover out of pipe or square tubing trusses and columns.  If an oval roof doesn't appeal to your eye, we also offer gable roofs.















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Our Implement buildings are basically a cover that is enclosed on three sides, usually one long side and two short sides.  Implement buildings are clear span with standard 20 ft bays.




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Our totally enclosed buildings come standard with either one or two framed door openings. However, ALL buildings are custom built to your specifications.  Click on the "Accessories" link for more options to add to your building.  We will also erect pre-engineered weld-up or bolt-up buildings of any type.







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You have the option of adding any of these accessories to your building



Sliding doors

Roll-up doors





Concrete slab

Standard 26-gauge metal is used and is available in R-panel, U-panel or Hi-Corrugated. 

                          Building Colors









                                                            Trim is available in all of these colors.  Bare galvalume is also available.                                               
















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